Paramotors and Trike
Powered Paragliding is your ticket to the sky on those days and places you can not foot launch from and soar.  It is with out a doubt the most portable and compact aircraft on the market.  With proper training and good decision making paramotoring can be done safely.  Think motorcycle in the sky.

Lightest, Best Handling Motor:

Using the Top 80 Motor from Italy
Feels the best, Handles the best, simple and reliable.

  •  Light weight
  •  No vibration
  •  Easy to start
  •  Less fuel; less to carry
  •  Less weight means more fun
  •  Less weight means easier take offs, better landings and better ground handling

Get into PPG Trike

Launch into the thermals eco-friendly, with zero emissions, vibration-free and virtually noiseless – then soar in thermal updrafts without a
measurable loss of performance…

• Experience flights without long drives, independent of cable cars or towing winches: in the lowlands, on a meadow on the outskirts, on
vacation at the beach…

• Foot launch from the flat, independent of the wind direction and with infinite flight possibilities. Otherwise inaccessible thermals can now be reached…

• Return safely to the launch site without having to organize a pick-up team…

• Transport multiple Bird-e harnesses in your passenger car – no gas, oil or hot engine parts!

• Safe lots of travel hours, car kilometers and cable car costs – 1,000 launches at $ 0.99 electricity costs per launch

• The Charly Bird-e harness including protector, e-drive and accumulator weighs only 26 kg…
Live your dreams!

The  Bird-e Harness /motor will greatly increase your soaring and XC flying